Surface area 154.00m²
Length 14.00m
Width 11.00m
Height -

The room is located at the ground floor level.

Seating arrangements

U-shape 40





Theatre 99

Special seating arrangements are available upon request.

General infrastructure

  • daylight
  • Black out of room possible.
  • Airconditioning
  • Tables: 120 x 60cm
  • Stage: 100 x 100cm - mobile elements

Audiovisual equipment

  • Whiteboard, flip chart, projection wall (or projection screen at transverse setup) and overhead projector are included in the rent.
  • Phone lines: 16 connection points (possibilities for analogue, ISDN or ADSL connections), 1 digital phone
  • LCD data and video projection
  • Mobile sound amplification: fixed, tie-, headset- and lapel microphones
  • 5 translation booths

(Prices upon request)

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